At PortaFab, we realize that different applications require totally different structural mezzanines. For light duty applications, our C通道 system is one of the most cost effective solutions on the market while our Type 3 Connection sets the standard for strength, 耐用性, 和稳定性. If offices are part of the plan, you can save by using one of PortaFab's load-bearing modular wall systems.

cleanroom walls and panels


Formed C通道s are used for small spans or as an effective alternative for light-duty applications. This system is our best selling line because of its low cost and case of installation


Open Web Bar Joists

An economical alternative for projects requiring large spans, open web bar joists are a proven structural component widely used in construction. They simplify the installation of sprinkler systems, electrical conduit, and mechanical equipment.



One of the most cost effective ways to add both storage and office space is to utilize one of PortaFab's load bearing modular wall systems. 的OmniFlex, 例如, can be outfitted with load-bearing roof beams that can accommodate mezzanine floors.

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