PharmaSystem is the ideal solution for creating cost-effective controlled environments in pharmaceutical, 生命科学, and biotechnology facilities. 设计ed to meet the most stringent guidelines for cleanroom construction requiring a high level of aseptic detailing, it is a completely flush panel system with products for partition walls, 班轮墙, 和天花板.


Sample Pharmaceutical Cleanroom

modular cleanroom design

1. 配备系统
7. 腔壁 13. Panelized天花板
Wire or rod supported T-grid systems with a variety of tiles to meet cGMP requirements. 电, mechanical and process piping can be integrated within cavity chases by using metal stud framework. Flush cleanroom ceiling providing walk-on capabilities for maintenance access.
2. 衬壁
8. 地板拱半径
14. Free-Standing Plenum Caps
Provides ability to skin existing concrete, block or sheet rock walls. Radius floor track with offset panel receiver provides flush transition between floor to wall finishes. Envelope structures create a free-standing structure capable of support AHU’s and support utilities and personnel.
3. 集成的空缺
9. Integrated Stainless Steel Fittings
15. 无菌湾详细
Flush openings for integration of service panels, utility chase boxes, fire extinguisher boxes. 电 and mechanical between panels.

Rounded snap-in cove allows easy to clean ceiling and corner transitions.

4. 可以集成
10. 矮墙的回报
16. 隔断墙
Structural members can be designed within cavity walls to support load-bearing envelope structures. Utilizes a return air grille allowing the cleanroom floor system to be coved flush against the low wall return plenum. ½” thick uPVC coated panels finished to one or both sides of metal framework producing easy to clean surfaces.
5. 墙的保护
11. 窗户 17. 提出了空气墙
Stainless steel guard rails in high traffic areas. Glazing provides a flush, ledge-free surface. Eliminates the need for a return air grille and provides a more cleanable detail, reducing the number of crevices in room.
6. 推拉门 12. 摇摆的门  
High strength 2” thick molded seamless lightweight fiberglass panel for easy cleaning. Sealed non-absorptive panels with lightweight poured polyurethane foam for exceptional strength and dimensional stability.  




  • Wall panels provide flush, seamless wall surface
  • 0.625" (15mm) wall panels utilized to allow flush wall surface on both sides on stud framework
  • Ideal for wash down environments
  • Easy removal of panels without disturbing adjacent panels, ceiling or framework for minimum contamination
  • Fewer components yields quicker cleanroom installation
  • Complete flexibility allows the wall system to be designed for any configuration
  • Interfaces with all ceiling systems, 地板系统, existing modular wall systems and conventional construction for complete systems compatibility
  • Universal design allows easy connection to a metal stud framework
  • Easy removal of panels without disturbing adjacent panels, or ceiling for minimum contamination
  • 卓越的完成

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